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UVic Fraternity DKE to fund raise for Molly Campbell


Bottles for Babies with Leukemia



Controversial UVic fraternity DKE will be holding a bottle drive in order to raise funds for Molly Campbell, a six-week-old baby girl from Saanich who was diagnosed with leukemia on Christmas Eve. Jose Barrios, Pledge Philanthropy Chair released a statement today noting that tomorrow, Tuesday January 11th, the DKE fraternity will be hosting a bottle drive with all proceeds going to help Campbell’s family with costs associated with travel, lodging and time taken off work to be with their daughter as she undergoes chemotherapy at BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver.

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Fraternity Hazing – Who is Protecting UVic Students?

A Man with his head in the sand

The current UVSS policy on GLOs

A recent article published by The Gateway, the University of Alberta’s student run newspaper recently published an expose on a hazing incident involving the U of A DKE chapter. Pledges were allegedly forced to stay within the fraternity’s house for days with little sleep. They were allegedly forced to consume large amounts of food, when some pledges vomited they were allegedly forced to eat their own vomit. Pledges were allegedly confined in small places, forced to listen to loud repetitive music and were allowed approximately two hours of sleep over the course of three nights. The U of A DKE chapter has since had its status as a student group suspended by the Dean of Students and the U of A IFC – their Inter-Fraternity Council. This has raised some questions about UVic’s current situation with GLOs. Questions pondered after the jump.

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