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Podcasts: Radio When YOU Want It

This is more of a heads-up post. What Does It Mean For Me is currently working on it’s first podcast. The topic is the current state of the UVSS’s involvement with the CFS. The Podcast will feature special guests, a brief history of the UVSS’s involvement with the CFS and a frank discussion of the lawsuit the two parties are currently embroiled in with one another. Let’s look at some of the UVSS podcasts… Continue reading


Blogs of the UVSS

A million monkeys at a million typewriters

The whatdoesitmeanforme Offices

A relatively small part of the UVic student population actively follows the UVSS. Even fewer take part in the electoral process (board members were thrilled by a 20% voter turnout). However, a small but dedicated group of bloggers are online, keeping whoever is listening up to speed on the UVSS’s business. Some are former board members, some are presently board members, some have never been on the board and some report for the Martlet. All are better informed than me, have far more in depth articles on the UVSS and most have better hygine habits. To help you, dear reader, I present an annotated guide to the Blogs of the UVSS.

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Welcome! Thanks for checking us out. With UVSS voter turn-out on the rise, and David Foster‘s blog helping to bring accountability to the board, I feel like it’s high-time someone dumbed down student politics. I’m here to provide a layman’s guide to what’s going on with the student government YOU elected, and what they’re doing with the money YOU give them. Sure, the current board is about to release a budget that puts the UVSS into it’s third year of deficit, but what does that mean to you? Will there be a hike in student fees? Will Felicita’s have to raise the price of beer?

I have connections within the UVSS and will use them to get plain-English explanations of the board’s actions and relay this information on to you. I will ask the right questions and give you the unbiased, honest answers.