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Breaking – We’re Going To Court

What Does It Mean For Me has the latest scoop on the ongoing UVSS vs. CFS debacle.

UVSS Director of Services Remy Hall, Director at Large Dylan Sherlock, NSU rep Tanille Johnson, SOC rep Jessica Humphries, and Resource Coordinator Ben Johnson represented UVic at the CFS National Meeting this week. They asked for a referendum on membership, which was then referred to the CFS National Executive. The UVSS delegates were told to expect an answer by mid-January. Continue reading


I Read It On Reddit: Social Bookmarking and Staying Up To Date

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The internet is a big, scary place. Not unlike the world, it’s impossible to see everything so having a guide you can trust is important. In real life you’d choose a local or tour group to show you the best parts of a certain area, so why not do the same on the internet? Enter Social Bookmarking.

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