Bureaucracy Now! A look at the agenda for the AGM

The UVSS Annual General Meeting upon us! It will take place on Tomorrow at 3 pm. This is the student body’s chance to have a say in how their society is run. The AGM is a chance for students to be a part of the process that shapes UVSS policy. If you’re at all worried about how your student fees are spent then this is the night you look forward to all year. Also on the agenda this year is the topic of fraternities and sororities on campus. Let’s break down some of the more exciting topics on the agenda and figure out what it means for you.

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If you download movies, Sex and the City 2 is your fault.

We’ve all been there, cruising through youtube trying to check out the new Ke$ha Arcade Fire music video. You’ve finally found the appropriate thumbnail and click it, expecting to hear Win Butler’s angelic but tortured voice when BAM – “This video has been removed due to a copyright claim by…”. There is little in this world that causes me greater anger (only WSPA or Doctors Without Borders activists that prey on my white guilt from downtown street corners rank higher). Youtube works hard at keeping these recording and movie industry giants appeased, and who can blame them? I sure wouldn’t want a multi-million dollar lawsuit on my hands. Youtube is only the start of the internet’s never-ending battle with copyright.

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Facebook: A Peeping Tom?

The internet has never been about privacy. From its inception, the world wide web has been about sharing information. We’ve known this for a while, in fact my first introduction to the internet was for research for a social studies report in grade 5. Knowing this, why are there so many people flocking to facebook, twitter and tumblr among others to post potentially damning evidence of personal indiscretions? I’ve had more than my fair share of embarrassing pictures posted on facebook by friends (and with friends like those, who needs enemies?) many of which have made me consider deleting my account.

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Welcome! Thanks for checking us out. With UVSS voter turn-out on the rise, and David Foster‘s blog helping to bring accountability to the board, I feel like it’s high-time someone dumbed down student politics. I’m here to provide a layman’s guide to what’s going on with the student government YOU elected, and what they’re doing with the money YOU give them. Sure, the current board is about to release a budget that puts the UVSS into it’s third year of deficit, but what does that mean to you? Will there be a hike in student fees? Will Felicita’s have to raise the price of beer?

I have connections within the UVSS and will use them to get plain-English explanations of the board’s actions and relay this information on to you. I will ask the right questions and give you the unbiased, honest answers.