I Read It On Reddit: Social Bookmarking and Staying Up To Date

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The internet is a big, scary place. Not unlike the world, it’s impossible to see everything so having a guide you can trust is important. In real life you’d choose a local or tour group to show you the best parts of a certain area, so why not do the same on the internet? Enter Social Bookmarking.

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Fraternity Hazing – Who is Protecting UVic Students?

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The current UVSS policy on GLOs

A recent article published by The Gateway, the University of Alberta’s student run newspaper recently published an expose on a hazing incident involving the U of A DKE chapter. Pledges were allegedly forced to stay within the fraternity’s house for days with little sleep. They were allegedly forced to consume large amounts of food, when some pledges vomited they were allegedly forced to eat their own vomit. Pledges were allegedly confined in small places, forced to listen to loud repetitive music and were allowed approximately two hours of sleep over the course of three nights. The U of A DKE chapter has since had its status as a student group suspended by the Dean of Students and the U of A IFC – their Inter-Fraternity Council. This has raised some questions about UVic’s current situation with GLOs. Questions pondered after the jump.

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Next week from Wednesday until Friday polling stations will be set up around campus as the UVSS holds a referendum. Campaigning for the referendum began on Monday morning, although only ‘yes’ sides have been represented. This is one of the largest referendums in UVic history with 5 questions on the ballot, all asking but one asking for a fee increase, the one exception asking for a re-allocation of existing fees. If you’re informed on the questions, you can check here for polling station locations. If not, I’ll address the questions below the jump here. Continue reading

Are you a twerp? Twittering and the UVSS

With every smart phone purchased, microblogging becomes more relevant. When Twitter launched on July 15th, 2006, it was intended to be cell phone based, using SMS messages to keep in touch with relatively small groups of people. It gained notoriety at the 2007 SXSW festival in 2007 when Twitter placed several TV screens around the conference exclusively streaming tweets. While most of what is on Twitter is pointless babble, some of it is downright hilarious, and if it’s neither of those, it is pertinent informaiton. The UVSS Twitters, what are they telling you? Continue reading

Blogs of the UVSS

A million monkeys at a million typewriters

The whatdoesitmeanforme Offices

A relatively small part of the UVic student population actively follows the UVSS. Even fewer take part in the electoral process (board members were thrilled by a 20% voter turnout). However, a small but dedicated group of bloggers are online, keeping whoever is listening up to speed on the UVSS’s business. Some are former board members, some are presently board members, some have never been on the board and some report for the Martlet. All are better informed than me, have far more in depth articles on the UVSS and most have better hygine habits. To help you, dear reader, I present an annotated guide to the Blogs of the UVSS.

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Social Networking: How the UVSS keeps up with you

Social Netoworking is all around us. Brands have facebook pages, companies have twitter feeds, your mother is on MySpace (you should really tell her to get with the times) – there’s no escaping the grasp of the internet and ways to be reached by marketers. Naturally the UVSS is in on the charade and has accounts on a few of the most popular social networking websites.

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UVSS AGM Liveblog – follow the fun from the safety of your frathouse!


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Greek system vs. Feminists


Today is the AGM. I will be in attendance and will be liveblogging – not from this blog, but from other blogs far better and more interesting (although the authors aren’t as handsome as I am). Here are the links.

UVSS Uncovered

Andrew Allen’s UVSS blog. He’ll be updating this post throughout the meeting, running a box score if you will. I will be here, muddling up the comments, referencing the Simpsons and generally spouting libertarian rhetoric.

Martlet Live

Martlet writer Kailey Willetts will be covering the AGM live. I’m not sure about interaction, although Kailey’s journalistic integrity will likely keep this blog more un-biased.