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Rick Roll’d – UVic’s Lip Dub Attempts World Record

Ah, the lipdub, perhaps one of the more intriguing brand of viral video on the internet. I know I’m a little late in covering this, but it seems as good a time as any to discuss video-sharing and the online community at UVic. With runaway successes like the “Overheard at UVic” group on facebook, David Foster’s popular blog and now this lipdub, it’s clear the UVic student population is on the internet and is developing its own community. Continue reading


Facebook On The Fly: Mobile Computing and The UVSS

Men in a Bar using Cell Phones

"Sorry, I'm at a bar right now... No, no, I can talk"

Mobile Computing is becoming more and more popular, and the UVSS is beginning to see increased student interest as a result. Recently at the AGM there were live-tweets, Facebook status updates and up-to-the-minute news stories being broken from peoples Blackberrys, iPhones and other brands of smart phones. There was even an attempt to high-jack the meeting in order for pro-GLO supporters to contact supporters – via their smart phones – and try to challenge the results of the balloting. What could the future hold for mobile computing and the UVSS? Let’s see if we can’t prognosticate… Continue reading

Are you a twerp? Twittering and the UVSS

With every smart phone purchased, microblogging becomes more relevant. When Twitter launched on July 15th, 2006, it was intended to be cell phone based, using SMS messages to keep in touch with relatively small groups of people. It gained notoriety at the 2007 SXSW festival in 2007 when Twitter placed several TV screens around the conference exclusively streaming tweets. While most of what is on Twitter is pointless babble, some of it is downright hilarious, and if it’s neither of those, it is pertinent informaiton. The UVSS Twitters, what are they telling you? Continue reading

UVSS AGM Liveblog – follow the fun from the safety of your frathouse!


Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots

Greek system vs. Feminists


Today is the AGM. I will be in attendance and will be liveblogging – not from this blog, but from other blogs far better and more interesting (although the authors aren’t as handsome as I am). Here are the links.

UVSS Uncovered

Andrew Allen’s UVSS blog. He’ll be updating this post throughout the meeting, running a box score if you will. I will be here, muddling up the comments, referencing the Simpsons and generally spouting libertarian rhetoric.

Martlet Live

Martlet writer Kailey Willetts will be covering the AGM live. I’m not sure about interaction, although Kailey’s journalistic integrity will likely keep this blog more un-biased.


Welcome! Thanks for checking us out. With UVSS voter turn-out on the rise, and David Foster‘s blog helping to bring accountability to the board, I feel like it’s high-time someone dumbed down student politics. I’m here to provide a layman’s guide to what’s going on with the student government YOU elected, and what they’re doing with the money YOU give them. Sure, the current board is about to release a budget that puts the UVSS into it’s third year of deficit, but what does that mean to you? Will there be a hike in student fees? Will Felicita’s have to raise the price of beer?

I have connections within the UVSS and will use them to get plain-English explanations of the board’s actions and relay this information on to you. I will ask the right questions and give you the unbiased, honest answers.