UVic Fraternity DKE to fund raise for Molly Campbell


Bottles for Babies with Leukemia



Controversial UVic fraternity DKE will be holding a bottle drive in order to raise funds for Molly Campbell, a six-week-old baby girl from Saanich who was diagnosed with leukemia on Christmas Eve. Jose Barrios, Pledge Philanthropy Chair released a statement today noting that tomorrow, Tuesday January 11th, the DKE fraternity will be hosting a bottle drive with all proceeds going to help Campbell’s family with costs associated with travel, lodging and time taken off work to be with their daughter as she undergoes chemotherapy at BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver.

The bottle drive will take place outside the Student Union Building between 8AM and 2PM with DKE setting a noble goal of $1,000 raised.

Refute unfair stereotypes, DKE:

"We want to demonstrate, through actions, that our Fraternity's purpose is not only
to drink and socialize, but to give back to the community we are proudly a part of.
When we heard about the Campbell families unfortunate series of events we decided to
challenge our members - we have set a fundraising goal of $1,000 dollars."

Veteran readers of Whatdoesitmeanforme will remember the arrival of DKE around this time last year, with many students rallying against the arrival of a Greek Letter Organization at UVic. Much ado was made about the inherent exclusivity of fraternities, as well as their mottled past of racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Clearly the fraternity is working hard to combat stereotypes and make a good impression on both UVic students/administrators and the surrounding community. Wisely, DKE chose a cause that has already united many residents of the CRD, and something as simple as a bottle drive is an easy way to get students involved in the philanthropic arm of the Greek system.

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