Breaking – We’re Going To Court

What Does It Mean For Me has the latest scoop on the ongoing UVSS vs. CFS debacle.

UVSS Director of Services Remy Hall, Director at Large Dylan Sherlock, NSU rep Tanille Johnson, SOC rep Jessica Humphries, and Resource Coordinator Ben Johnson represented UVic at the CFS National Meeting this week. They asked for a referendum on membership, which was then referred to the CFS National Executive. The UVSS delegates were told to expect an answer by mid-January.Past experience with the CFS leads us to believe that the response from CFS execs will be a resounding “fuck off.” The CFS has seen 15 lawsuits regarding Affiliation/Disaffiliation referenda from as far back as 1991, and they don’t appear to be stopping any time soon. Titus Gregory put it best in his essay Solidarity For Their Own Good:

It is abundantly clear that all seven of [Matt Qvortrup’s conditions for conducting fair referenda] are violated on a regular basis when referenda are held under CFS Bylaws. The electoral management body is politicized and is not independent from the CFS or the students’ union; no attempt is made to regulate the students’ union-owned media; students’ dues are normally overwhelmingly spent on behalf of the CFS’s side, no grants (of any meaningful size) are given to both sides; campaign spending is not regulated or publicized (although considerable efforts are taken to regulate the content of campaign advertising); and the campaign period is so extraordinarily short – normally just two weeks in duration – that if is effectively impossible to engage in an ‘open and robust’ debate on anything. Via.

The rest of that article is long, but it reads like an expose on the mob. Skip to appendix G for allegations of assault.

The most likely sequence of events in this twisted will be that the validity of the latest petition for defederation will be before the courts before we hear back from the CFS, which effectively rendering their opinion on the matter moot. The petition earned 11.4% of UVic’s undergraduate population’s support, validating it under CFS Bylaws. The CFS indicated a counter-petition that included a number of students originally named in the first petition, nullifying their validity for inclusion in the mandated 10%.

    • Ross
    • December 16th, 2010

    *purportedly nullifying their validity for inclusion in the mandated 10%.


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