Rick Roll’d – UVic’s Lip Dub Attempts World Record

Ah, the lipdub, perhaps one of the more intriguing brand of viral video on the internet. I know I’m a little late in covering this, but it seems as good a time as any to discuss video-sharing and the online community at UVic. With runaway successes like the “Overheard at UVic” group on facebook, David Foster’s popular blog and now this lipdub, it’s clear the UVic student population is on the internet and is developing its own community.

The lipdub began as a throwaway post on Perez Hilton’s gossip blog calling UVic’ers pretty cool and posting this video. The video published was actually a Spanish university’s attempt at getting noticed – and the amount of *ahem* talent certainly got my attention. However, some students at UVic took it upon themselves to make their own lipdub to properly restore the Canadian UVic’s status as cool kid on the block. An attempt was made at a world record and the gang involved had a lot of fun. Join me as I break this down, and have a little fun at the expense of others’ hard work.

0:14 – I love the switch from iTouch to iPhone. Clearly, UVic students are suckers for anything Steve Jobs puts out (this written on a macbook pro)

0:45 – Great use of transit. The very same bus passed by aproximately 27 students because it was full of head-bobbing liberal-arts students.


1:21 – UVic name drop #1

1:32 How nice of the Young Liberals to make an appearance!

1:40 – UVic name drop #2

2:00 – I hope Red Bull paid someone handsomely for that

2:02 – UVic notable alumni: Billy Mays Look-a-like

2:22 – How green of our elected directors

2:34 – Found him!

2:57 – UVic name drop #3,4,5

3:08 – RICK ROLLED! 4chan would be proud.

3:23 – Established: UVic is the capital of the world for people waving streamers and wearing colourful shirts. Can we move on to something more exciting?

3:24 – We’ve still got 6 minutes of this huh?

3:35 – UVic name drop #6

3:43 – Found him again

3:46 – UVic name drop #7,8,9,10, then 11

4:22 – Another fine example of how green UVic is

4:30 – UVic name drop #12,13,14,15,16

4:44 – Just so we’re clear that skipper has a gold medal for skipping

4:48 – I never thought I’d get tired of watching people do backflips.

4:51 – UVic name drop #17 SNEAKY!

5:10 – UVic name drop #18,19,20

5:13 – UVic name drop #21,22,23 (I think we’ve established this was filmed at A UVic, but which one?)

5:21 – The last time I followed the beckoning of a hooded man in a cape I had to be rescued by the FBI.

5:22 – I’m sure food sustainability profs would be really pleased about this wastefulness.

5:28 – UVic name drop #24,25,26

5:33 – Possibly the coolest thing ever done on a unicycle at UVic

5:45 – UVic name drop #27,28

5:55 – I’m pretty sure that’s supposed to be the silent section of the library. Glad I wasn’t trying to study when they were filming this.

6:12 – If you’re going to have a solo, shouldn’t you learn the words to the song you’re lip-synching?

6:25 – Michael Jackson is spinning in his grave after that failed moonwalk attempt

7:10 – I’m glad she looked, because this was about to turn into a Fox special “WHEN VIRAL VIDEOS KILL!”

7:40 – The most cohesive and interesting part of this video. If you disagree with me, hit the bong and take another look.

This was certainly a good attempt at making a mark on the internet with UVic’s name (all 30 times we saw it) but I think there are a few points where the video does not succeed.

1. It’s too long. Viral Videos should be short and to the point. This video is neither. I’d estimate that at least 3/4 of this video is the camera moving down a hallway, filled with students waving colourful posters and smiling. This is no different than the Spanish UVic’s version, but they manage to do it in 2/3rds of the time. The producers of the Canadian version should have attempted to make a shorter video, not a longer one.

2. It lacks purpose. There is very little in terms of unique-to-UVic material. Could we have included some members of the 420 club toking up? Maybe we should have just kept all the straight, white, able-bodied men out of the video.

3. Michael Buble? Seriously? Although I did appreciate the Rick Astley. Maybe if they’d picked just one, rather than both things could have been a little better.

To those that were involved in the making of this, I commend your hard work. I followed the Facebook campaign, and you were certainly no slouches. However, I feel like the enthusiasm and spirit were overshadowed by a lack of organization that seemed apparent in the Spanish version. Looks like we’ll have to find another way to distinguish ourselves in the eyes of certain gossip bloggers.

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