Podcasts: Radio When YOU Want It

This is more of a heads-up post. What Does It Mean For Me is currently working on it’s first podcast. The topic is the current state of the UVSS’s involvement with the CFS. The Podcast will feature special guests, a brief history of the UVSS’s involvement with the CFS and a frank discussion of the lawsuit the two parties are currently embroiled in with one another. Let’s look at some of the UVSS podcasts…There are none! For a student society that has access to equipment and capable students, there is nothing in terms of a podcast that discusses student politics at UVic, which is somewhat surprising. David Foster records every meeting and meticulously quotes speakers in his blog, couldn’t someone from the board do something similar in podcast form? This could be a perfect way  to engage students and increase interest.

The board works hard for the students they represent, and though there may be times that students disagree with the direction the board is taking the society they deserve some recognition for their tireless effort. However, students have access to two types of information about the UVSS: the information on the UVSS homepage, which is rarely visited and updated even less, and that of the student blog group. These student blogs vary wildly in consistency and each blogger has his own bias and spin on the doings of the board.

A UVSS sponsored podcast could be used to inform students and raise interest. If nothing else, it could give students something to listen to on their iPod while they wait for another bus to pass them by.

So, in an effort to remedy this I will be creating the first UVSS-related podcast. Look for the inaugural run sometime early next week and if it finds success it might just become a regular occurrence.

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