Facebook On The Fly: Mobile Computing and The UVSS

Men in a Bar using Cell Phones

"Sorry, I'm at a bar right now... No, no, I can talk"

Mobile Computing is becoming more and more popular, and the UVSS is beginning to see increased student interest as a result. Recently at the AGM there were live-tweets, Facebook status updates and up-to-the-minute news stories being broken from peoples Blackberrys, iPhones and other brands of smart phones. There was even an attempt to high-jack the meeting in order for pro-GLO supporters to contact supporters – via their smart phones – and try to challenge the results of the balloting. What could the future hold for mobile computing and the UVSS? Let’s see if we can’t prognosticate…Board Meetings… LIVE!

Why not use the popularity of smart phones to bring voters into board meetings? Perhaps designate one of the new Director of Services to run a twitter account – complete with up-to-the-minute results – that students can follow from the comfort of their own homes. It would increase accessibility to the board for students and give people with little to know idea of how the board functions an inkling of an idea of who they put in power and how they use it. It would increase accountability as well as student turn-out for elections.

Mobile Mapping

The UVSS could use google maps to increase awareness about polling stations during elections, locations of events the UVSS is supporting like pancake breakfasts, parties, athletic events and meetings, just to name a few. Let students who are in the area know that something is going on nearby.

Give Students an Online Community

Give students a site where they can get in contact with one another and let one another know about events on campus. Students could post updates about speed traps near the school, construction delays, class room changes or cancellations and other pertinent information usually sent over email and received too late.

In last years elections, candidates began locking their cell phones in order to keep sensitive information out of the hand of rival slates and inquisitive journalists. This because many of the directors used their phones for email, bbm and text messages about campaign strategies and platform issues.  The smart phone is just one more way for the UVSS to bring itself out of the stone age and up to technological speed with the modern student. This may even raise voter turnout, which is the ultimate goal following a meager 7% voter turnout for the last referendum.

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