Are you a twerp? Twittering and the UVSS

With every smart phone purchased, microblogging becomes more relevant. When Twitter launched on July 15th, 2006, it was intended to be cell phone based, using SMS messages to keep in touch with relatively small groups of people. It gained notoriety at the 2007 SXSW festival in 2007 when Twitter placed several TV screens around the conference exclusively streaming tweets. While most of what is on Twitter is pointless babble, some of it is downright hilarious, and if it’s neither of those, it is pertinent informaiton. The UVSS Twitters, what are they telling you?Now first of all, I know I’ve covered this in a previous post, but it bears repeating that if you as a student at UVic have twitter, you should follow the UVSS. The Twerps (a far easier word to type that twitterers) that run the UVSS twitter feed are supported by you and your student fees – they’re only trying to help. They post information (or as much as can fit intwo 140 characters) pertaining to events, election information, polling information, and meetings, as well as links to articles written about the UVSS, UVic, the CFS and other student-related causes.

Twitter is an interesting phenomenon, and one that is unlikely to fade away into fad obscurity along with pogs, flash mobs and the XFL. There are many reasons people use Twitter, but the most popular reason is promotion. Whether it’s self promotion, promotion for a company or for a non-profit, most of the tweets that show up on twitter either have a link to a marketing website, a personal website or include keywords or information about a product. Why wouldn’t the UVSS want in on a free chance to advertise to you? The trick is getting you to follow them.

An aside to fill up the word count on this post, Twitter makes for great entertainment. I used to turn my nose up at twitter users, not fully understanding it. However, now that I’m signed up and am ‘following’ a few people, I can see the allure. Most of the accounts I follow are bloggers with great sophomoric senses of humor, ‘fake’ celebrities and fantasy football talking heads; but there is something for everyone. Love Arnold Schwarzenegger’s action movie one-liners? Check out Sylvester Stallone‘s feed (the best part is, he’s serious). Have a taste for the bizzare? Nick Nolte’s Mugshot‘s tweets are just what the doctor ordered. Like what you read here? Follow me!

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