Blogs of the UVSS

A million monkeys at a million typewriters

The whatdoesitmeanforme Offices

A relatively small part of the UVic student population actively follows the UVSS. Even fewer take part in the electoral process (board members were thrilled by a 20% voter turnout). However, a small but dedicated group of bloggers are online, keeping whoever is listening up to speed on the UVSS’s business. Some are former board members, some are presently board members, some have never been on the board and some report for the Martlet. All are better informed than me, have far more in depth articles on the UVSS and most have better hygine habits. To help you, dear reader, I present an annotated guide to the Blogs of the UVSS.

Eye On The UVSS

David Foster has been blogging about the UVSS since April of 2009. His blog is the most frequently updated of all the blogs that cover the UVSS and his articles are thoroughly reasearched, and cover all points on his topics. His articles often contain bias (since it’s a blog, this isn’t a problem) and because of this, half the fun of Eye On The UVSS is the comments section.

UVSS Uncovered

Written by Andrew Allen (I made sure to spell that correctly), an upper level education student at UVic, the UVSS uncovered focuses more on student life than on UVSS policy. Allen doesn’t aim to break scandals nor to lambaste any of the board members, he rather attempts to appeal to a broader readership. His coverage of the UVic Lipdup was superb, and was one of the first blogs to feature the video.

UVic Underground

UVic Underground is the linux of the UVSS student blog world. It accepts submissions from anyone and everyone that wants to write about politics, arts or music around campus. Anonymously posted and well commented, this page is checked by board-members and UVSS bloggers alike, and the anonymity of the authors encourages discussion of some intriguing topics.

Wayward Rob

Rob McDonald is a Director-at-Large on the UVSS board. This blog was started this summer, presumably after McDonald was elected and was infrequently updated over the summer. Since the fall semester started, we’ve seen some more action on his webpage. McDonald provides unique insight on the inner-workings of the UVSS given his proximity to the board. His comments are filled with other Bloggers weighing in on his postings, and have the most honest commenter discussions of all these blogs.

So there you have it. The UVSS blog-o-sphere in a nicely annotated nutshell. Check the pages out, make some comments and get informed.

Since that was a lot of political reading you just did, I’d better lighten your day. So now, I give to you, a corgi jumping into a lake after a tennis ball, set to the Superman theme. Enjoy.

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