Social Networking: How the UVSS keeps up with you

Social Netoworking is all around us. Brands have facebook pages, companies have twitter feeds, your mother is on MySpace (you should really tell her to get with the times) – there’s no escaping the grasp of the internet and ways to be reached by marketers. Naturally the UVSS is in on the charade and has accounts on a few of the most popular social networking websites.

The UVSS makes use of several social networking sites to keep you informed of their goings-on. The UVSS has Facebook and Twitter, as well as their own website and each is updated regularly. Seeing as how everyone has Facebook, let’s start with that.

A photo of the oldest lady on Facebook

She's wiping the floor with you on Farmville

The UVSS’s Facebook page is a great place to start if you want to figure out what the UVSS promoting this week. They do a half decent job of sending out messages to let you know when an AGM is coming up, they’ll remind you in your news feed that they have a board meeting on Monday nights (which are open for all students to attend). Thinking of spending an evening at our favourite watering hole? Even Felicita’s has a Facebook page, which they use to promote the bar. Having Felicita’s as a friend on Facebook is a great way to stay plugged in to the social events the UVSS puts on around campus.

The UVSS Twitters too. I’m aware that most students at UVic aren’t twerps, but it goes to show that despite popular conception, the UVSS can keep their information to 140 characters or less! Bite sized information is the best UVSS information for someone not well versed in policy-jargon. For those not versed in Twitter, it also retweets some of the Martleteers tweets as well as pertinent tweets from David Foster, the CFS and other Student Unions around BC.

So get hooked up with the UVSS through social networking – it’ll help to explain a lot.

And now, for something completely different…


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