Hero or Villain? Nathan Warner Stuffs (Ballot) Boxes

Not the first image that comes up if you google 'stuffed box'

The University of Victoria Student Society has a mottled history of elections. Chief Electoral Officers have resigned, entire slates have been disqualified twice, ballots are counted twice – and that was just last year. The elected body of the UVSS is mired in petty politics when at its best, and most entertaining at its worst and this is never more true than during an election – because what fun is an election if it follows the rules of democracy?

It seems to have become a trend for members of the UVSS to point out weaknesses in the electoral system. Last year Shawn Slavin criticized the electoral system for being open to manipulation by reporting a ‘lost’ student card which would then entitle the student to a new card and UVSS sticker which would allow the student to vote again (though he did not vote a second time). While not exactly high brow election fraud, the problem was still present. This year Nathan Warner took his case one step further and actually committed electoral fraud. If you’re not familiar with the scandal, there are three sides to the story so far, one from blogger-in-arms UVSS uncovered here, one from CFS hack UVic Undergound here and one from Nathan Warner himself here, so I won’t get into the details, and instead go straight to speculation, indignant crying and name-calling. Continue reading

UVic Fraternity DKE to fund raise for Molly Campbell


Bottles for Babies with Leukemia



Controversial UVic fraternity DKE will be holding a bottle drive in order to raise funds for Molly Campbell, a six-week-old baby girl from Saanich who was diagnosed with leukemia on Christmas Eve. Jose Barrios, Pledge Philanthropy Chair released a statement today noting that tomorrow, Tuesday January 11th, the DKE fraternity will be hosting a bottle drive with all proceeds going to help Campbell’s family with costs associated with travel, lodging and time taken off work to be with their daughter as she undergoes chemotherapy at BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver.

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What Does It Mean For Me – The Enhanced Podcast

Here it is, the What Does It Mean For Me podcast!

In this podcast we’ll look back at the 2010 fall semester and what exactly the UVSS was up to.

DISCLAIMER: This is meant to be subversive, tongue in cheek, and in no way sexist, racist or homophobic. If you believe it is any of these things, you have missed the point. Don’t take it seriously, because I didn’t. If you are easily offended or have an issue with free speech (and I’m addressing half of the board when I say that) then don’t listen.

Breaking – We’re Going To Court

What Does It Mean For Me has the latest scoop on the ongoing UVSS vs. CFS debacle.

UVSS Director of Services Remy Hall, Director at Large Dylan Sherlock, NSU rep Tanille Johnson, SOC rep Jessica Humphries, and Resource Coordinator Ben Johnson represented UVic at the CFS National Meeting this week. They asked for a referendum on membership, which was then referred to the CFS National Executive. The UVSS delegates were told to expect an answer by mid-January. Continue reading

Rick Roll’d – UVic’s Lip Dub Attempts World Record

Ah, the lipdub, perhaps one of the more intriguing brand of viral video on the internet. I know I’m a little late in covering this, but it seems as good a time as any to discuss video-sharing and the online community at UVic. With runaway successes like the “Overheard at UVic” group on facebook, David Foster’s popular blog and now this lipdub, it’s clear the UVic student population is on the internet and is developing its own community. Continue reading